Resident Manager's role is to receive and respond to your requests or comments in regards to the complex maintenance and your own units’ maintenance, as well as your comments on common living issues. 

Board of Directors

Rules and Regulations

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Maintenance tips


It  is in our best convenience to perform periodic hot water tank maintenance activities and do whatever  is necesary to avoid a costly failure. Amongst those activities or measurements we must consider:

- To flush the tank every six months.
- To keep the temperature at a reasonable level. The higher the temperature, the stronger the pressure and, therefore, less lifespan for the tank.
- To disconnect the tank whenever we leave our homes for an extended  period of time.

These measurements and perhaps some more have always been the subject of periodic letters by our caretakers and managers and should be followed with strictness.

So, nothing new so far. But, stop! There are other preventive solutions that can give us the peace of mind we need to avoid costly damages to the units we live in. And this is the real purpose of this message:

One of our Board directors went to Home Hardware and at that store he found a device that can save us a lot of headaches. The device is called 'FLOOD ALARM' and is advertised as  'SAFEGUARD YOUR PROPERTY AGAINST WATER DAMAGE'. It is a small, battery operated device which can be installed on your hot water tank exterior and uses with a tape- like ribbon that is put at the level of the possible source of water which on the presence of humidity sets off a distinctive alarm sound
that allows you to rapidly shut off the water ingress and avoid water to flood your dwelling unit.

It costs only $18.99 ($21.27 including taxes) and is now recommended  by the Board as a must to be installed in every hot water tank and so avoid the already mentioned costly water damages to our units.

Attached is a file containing some pictures of the device and the containing box, so that you can identify it easily and take action to install one of these devices ASAP on your hot water tank.

Remember: A little bit of prevention goes a long way to save money!



To see the above mentioned file, please click on the following link 

2nd. Tip


 One of the most recurrent problems in our complex, as in any other inhabited place, is the continued clogging of our sinks' drains. It is caused , most of the time, by debris or pieces of food, leftovers and other things that are allowed to go inside the drain many a time without being aware of it. As time goes by, those little pieces of organic and inorganic mater become hard clogs, similar to arteriosclerosis, and prevent the liquids to be evacuated as normal. So, we enter into panic and call the Caretaker (!!!!) or we call the Owner of the unit awaiting to have our problem solved in an instant and by all means.

Well, there is a way around to avoid this kind of situation: by using a magic liquid sold at most hardware stores and even at Wal-mart called "LIQUID PLUMR-PRO". Simply pouring 1/5 bottle of this liquid over the drain opening and allowing it to work for at least 15 minutes, will destroy  practically any clog stopping us to enjoy the convenience of our sink.  So, be practical and buy a good remover similar to the one we recommend and get rid of clogged sinks for ever. You only need to apply it two times a year and you will never have to call a real plumber to solve your problem.  Please give a look at the provided link to see the appearance of the recommended product. However, we do not endorse this particular brand or name. Anything similar will produce the same effect. 




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